Chrome OS 100 brings new Launcher design to Chromebooks


With the Chrome OS reaching the 100th version like the corresponding Chrome browser, Google has launched a brand-new Chrome OS launcher design that will make it more interactive and the users will be able to modify it on their Chromebooks as per their tastes. It is a part of Google’s update that occurs every four weeks or more.

The Chrome OS launcher features a more responsive design than the earlier ones and includes rounded corners as another change. Moreover, even the way of launching differs from the previous ones. The new Chrome OS will open from the corner of the screen where laid the Start Menu for years, and no more from the center. However, the Start Menu has lately seen a shift from its position from the left corner of your taskbar to the center on your Windows 11 PC.

Additionally, you have the alternative of sorting icons and managing and organizing them based on their names or colors. Also, your search bar will show more of the comprehensive Google preview items on typing on the bar. You can now search for plenty of items from the available collection.

The updated launcher was available all this while and was noticed in the Canary channel named here-be-dragons, in the summer of 2021. It had some issues previously, and Google had efficiently addressed and worked upon them in all the time it had.

Chrome OS users will see further updates in the form of new features that may possibly include a dictation edit feature, which will allow you to perform actions, such as “delete” or “move,” without having to type them on your own, GIF creation in the camera, ability to supervise YouTube in the Family Link, ability to stream YouTube videos offline and many more. Plus, the IT Admins get Google’s update for the Admin console where they can quickly check the devices that need attention.